We only work directly with the Chinese Embassy Visa Section in Washington D.C;  Given the sensitive nature of visa application information, our company operates independently and does not engage in partnerships or collaborations with other visa agencies. This policy is in place to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of the information we handle.

Chinese Embassy has reduced their visa application fee for American passport holders to $140.

For detailed instructions on how to process your visa application via mail, please click on this message. You'll find comprehensive information to guide you through each step of the process.
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Employment/Work (Z) Visa

Z Visa is issued to an alien who comes to China for a post or employment.

For a China Work Visa Application, you can apply directly with the Chinese Embassy, or you may hire Oasis China Visa Services to assist with your visa application. Visa applications should not be reviewed or processed at the same time by different channels. If you wish to hire Oasis China Visa Services, please do not submit your applications to the Embassy directly or work with other agencies. Submitting the same application simultaneously through different channels will cause unnecessary delays and confusions in the Embassy.


China Visa Online Application Form (COVA)

To start, you should fill out the new China Visa Online Application Form (COVA) and Email us your application I.D with your passport number.  This online form will ask applicants for detailed information on family members, education background starting from high school, and employment histories. Therefore, we advise the applicant to complete the form, but do not submit and generate the final printable PDF form. Although we cannot fill out the form for you, but we can review and help you to check over the form by using the Application I.D and passport number before the information gets submitted. We cannot guarantee the form to be error free or 100% be accepted by the Embassy, but we will do our best to catch any errors or flag any issues on the form. Once the form is submitted online, the Embassy will ask the applicant to complete the form again if any edit or corrections on the form is needed. The Embassy does not accept any handwritten corrections on the generated PDF form.


Processing time

The visa turnaround time is affected by many factors.  Standard processing 5-10 working days.  Priority processing  3-5 working days. 

Service & Fees


Basic documents required For Z visa

The following documents are commonly needed to prepare for a visa application.  Other supporting documents may be required depending on the individual situation. After the our preliminary check via e-mail, original documents will need to be mailed into our office.  The applicant is not required to come in, as Oasis agent will show up for the in-person submission. 

1. COVA Form.

* Do NOT submit after filling out the web form, wait for Oasis review first)

* Upload a selfie for the visa photo to continue with the form.

* Oasis can help you with the photo edit and uploading later.  

2. Photocopy of your Passport information page

3. Photocopy of your most recent Chinese Visa. 

* Not needed if this is your first time applying.

* If your most recent Chinese Visa is in your previous Passport, a photocopy of your previous passport information page should also be provided.

4. Visa photo   

* You can ask friends or family to help you to take this photo. 

* Stand against a whitewall, wear something not is white.

* Use your smartphone / digital camera to take an upper body photograph. 

* Do not wear glasses, jewelry, or necklace. 

* Make sure your face (including your forehead) and your ears are showing (not blocked by hairs), so the photo may pass the COVA photo exam. 

* Email your photo in JPG format, Oasis can help you to edit it and upload it.

5. 28 day travel record (to be provided later)

6. Photocopy of Driver’s License

7. COVID Vaccine Card (front and back)

8. Work Permit Notification Letter 

9. Invitation letter from the Chinese Employer / Visa Sponsor

10. Other forms which will be provided by Oasis. 

All materials can only be printed on single side papers. Do not use Duplex printings. 


Jurisdictions and residency

We work directly with the Chinese Embassy Visa Section. in Washington D.C


Processing steps and mailing instructions

​If you have any other questions, email is the best way to contact our office.