Starting Feb 21st, 2019, the Embassy requires 2 visa photos for all visa applications.

We highly recommend you to use FedEx or UPS when sending your application. If you wish to use USPS, don't forget to add tracking number and signature confirmation. Using regular mail to send your important document is risky!

The Embassy Visa Office does not accept hand-written forms. Please make sure your Visa Application Form is typed to completion, printed and sign with a blue or black ink pen.
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472

 Document Authentication service is currently limited to the following types of documents:

Birth certificate/ Marriage certificate / Divorce certificate / Death certificate
(Must be a certified copy issued by the courthouse record office)


Criminal record search issued by the local court house, or the state police department (notarized only)
FBI Identity History Summary Checks / School Diploma  (notarized only)

Please email us a scan copy of your document before calling.   If your document is certified by the Secretary of State or the US Dept of State, we can also help you to complete the authentication process in the Chinese Embassy Visa Section.   The processing time for the Embassy certification is 1 week.