We only work directly with the Chinese Embassy Visa Section in Washington D.C;  Given the sensitive nature of visa application information, our company operates independently and does not engage in partnerships or collaborations with other visa agencies. This policy is in place to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of the information we handle.

Chinese Embassy has reduced their visa application fee for American passport holders to $140.

For detailed instructions on how to process your visa application via mail, please click on this message. You'll find comprehensive information to guide you through each step of the process.
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472

China Visa Services by Mail

To ensure a seamless visa application process, we will invest considerable time and effort to assist applicants with form verification and the coordination of material submissions.  Please read the following instructions carefully to begin preparing your application materials.

Procedures and steps:

Step 1: Regardless of which type of visa you are applying for, please start filling out the COVA form, but don’t submit it.  If you have already submitted the COVA form, please go to step 2.

It’s okay if you have questions and issues during the form filling phase, please fill out the form to the best of your ability!
Don’t worry if you make mistakes, we will help you check & correct later.  If you need our help to upload a visa photo, just take an upper-body selfie and email it to us. 

Step 2: Send the COVA form ID number, passport number, phone number, and the following basic materials to Oasis by email in JPG or PDF files:

  1. -passport biopage (information page)
  2. -Driver’s license or state issued I.D  (to prove the state of your residence)
  3. -Most recently Chinese visa & Residence permit record (if any)
  4. Business Invitation Letter (for business visa only,  preferred to be in Chinese than English, not required for tourist visa)
  5. Family Invitation Letter (for family visiting only, not required for tourist visa)
  6. -Inviting person’s valid Chinese I.D or Residence Permit (only for family visiting visa)
  7. Where You Stay Form  (please promise this is where you live)
  8. -Green card or other types of resident visas (for Non-U.S passport holders)
  9. -Our email address is “Service@OasisChinaVisa.Com”  (hosted with Google Workspace Enterprise,  S/MIME message encryption supported)/  Option for Microsoft Email Message Encryption is also available upon request. 
  10. -For security reasons, we refrain from clicking on external links or downloading .zip files. Kindly send the documents in PDF or JPG formats.

Family visa (s2/Q2) requires a family member’s personal invitation letter;   Business visa (M or F) requires an organizational invitation letter;  Tourism visa (L) requires a friend’s personal invitation letter, tour company’s  invitation letter, or a confirm flight & hotel reservation.  We do not book flights or hotels, but you can contact agencies like Flychina.com to purchase your flight tickets to China.

Step 3: Oasis logs in to your COVA form, checks the basic materials, and then performs an evaluation.

During the process of checking your COVA form, we will make an assessment based on the information in your form and supporting documents.  If we are able to assist you with your visa application, we will provide you with our payment options, and guide you through the process of modifying your COVA form and mailing the required documents to our office.  If we determine that we are unable to assist you with your visa application, your are not required to pay for anything.  The asseement takes 1-2 working days after receiving all of your materials, and another 1-2 working days to receive detailed shipping instructions after payment is made.

Step 4: Oasis will do the final inspection after receiving the materials you sent, and then help to make an appointment and submit them.

If we find any issues after receiving the materials, we will promptly contact the applicant to make supplementary or corrective measures.

Step 5: After a few weeks (or days), the applicant will receive their passport and visa in the mail(or picked up from Oasis office).

Payment Method and Fees:

Standard processing service fee: $200-$260 (TBD based on your case) ; Embassy Fee is $140, FedEx 2nday PM Shipping fee $20(Tracking number/Signature Confirmation / Insured upto $500);    2-3 weeks turn-around time.

Expedited processing service fee: $400 ; Embassy Fee is $165, FedEx Next Shipping fee $55;  1-2 weeks turn-around time.

If you need the visa in less than 1 week, please contact us by phone so we can have a better understanding of your needs, and provide you with other options.

Embassy fee and shipping are calculated separately based on your nationality, validity of the visa, …etc

We do not charge any fees during the service introduction phase. If the applicant decides to use our service and we have started preparing the documents and providing advice, the service fee will not be refunded. If the applicant decides to cancel the service during the processing period, the service fee will not be refunded, but the visa application fee and mailing fee can be refunded.


We work directly with the Chinese Embassy Visa Section in Washington D.C;  Given the sensitive nature of visa application information, our company operates independently and does not engage in partnerships or collaborations with other visa agencies. This policy is in place to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of the information we handle.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to go to the embassy in person?

No, you can entrust someone else or a service organization such as our company to do it on your behalf

How long does it take to process a visa after submitting it to the embassy?

The normal processing time of the embassy is 4-5 working days, and the expedited processing time is 2-3 working days

I go to the embassy to submit the application documents myself, can you help me to pickup and mail back my passports?

Yes, of course, our office is next to the visa section of the embassy. For passport and visa pickup services, please find more details here.

What is the passport validity requirement?

The minimum passport validity required by the Embassy to apply for a visa is 6 months. If you want to apply for a visa valid for 10 years, your U.S passport needs to be valid for at least another 12 months.

My U.S. passport doesn’t have a visa page, can I get a visa?

No, you will need a new U.S. passport.

 Other notes:

If you have a new passport, the old visa is still in the old passport, please provide the original passport when applying for the visa.

Due to the sudden increase in workload, the current email response time is 1-2 working days, thank you for your understanding!


为了尽量确保申请签证的过程不出现问题, 我们将会花费大量的时间和精力帮助申请人检查表格和安排材料递交的工作。 请仔细阅读以下的说明, 然后再开始准备您的申请材料。


第一步(大约30分钟): 不管您申请的是哪一种签证,首先请开始填写COVA表格,完成填写后请不要提交, 以方便我们后期登录您的表格,帮助您进行纠错。 如果您已经完成并提交了表格, 请直接发送PDF文件和第二步中的辅助材料给我们做检查和评估。

在填写新的表格时请注意:您肯会遇到各种问题,不过没关系! 请尽个人最大的理解能力填写,不要担心填错,我们后期会登录表格,帮助您检查、准备。在需要上传照片的栏目, 您可以站在白墙前面自拍一张照片, 然后发给我们JPG文件, 我们会帮助您处理照片, 确保通过检测;同时请注意以下几点:

  1. 在中国出生的(曾有过中国护照的)美籍华人在“曾有国籍栏目”要选择【是】, 并注明【中国】
  2. 出生地是中国的美籍华人在Name in native alphabet 栏目要输入自己的原中文姓名  
  3. 国籍国身份证件号码请输入护照号码或驾照号码输入SSN;不要输入SSN。 
  4. 工作经历要提供最近5年的所有工作经历必须填写相关的职位职责。如果工作的年份有空隔,或者不曾工作过, 申请人需要另纸说明情况, 包含生活的日常和收入的信息, 等等。 婴幼儿除外
  5. 紧急联系人需要是在美国的联系人, 不能是中国国内的联系人


第二步:申请人将COVA表格的编码,护照号码, 联系电话号码,以及以下基本材料以JPG或者PDF格式发送电子邮件至Oasis.  为确保安全, 不要发送ZIP等压缩包文件或外部链接。

  1. 有效护照身份信息页
  2. 确认居住地址的驾照, I.D, 或者水电费账单首页(不要发整份账单)
  3. 旧签证,和旧签证所在的护照首页(如有)
  4. 出生证和父母双方的证件复印件(仅限未成年人申请人)
  5. 最后一本中国护照的信息页(仅限第一次办理中国签证的申请人)
  6. 邀请函 (点击下载参考,可手写,可打印) (仅限探亲签证,旅游签证不需要) 
  7. 邀请人的中国身份证,正反面 (仅限探亲签证, 旅游签证和商务签证不需要)
  8. 商务邀请函 (仅限商务签证, 探亲、旅游签证不需要)
  9. 原中国护照和美国公民入籍纸 (仅限入籍美国后第一次办理中国签证的申请人)
  10. Where you Stay form
  11. 支付信息(我们检查完材料, 判定可以办理后会联系您进行支付;如果判断有问题不能办理, 我们不会收取费用)
  12. 我们的邮箱地址是”Service@OasisChinaVisa.Com” (不区分大小写, 支持S/MIME电邮签名加密)。为确保安全,我们不会点击外部链接, 并会删除压缩包文件。 

我们不办理机票业务, 但是申请人可以联系例如FlyChina.Com的机票商办理机票业务。

第三步:Oasis 登录COVA表格、检查基本材料后进行评估。

在检查您的COVA表格过程中, 我们会根据您的表格和材料信息做出判断能否接手您的案子。(需要1-2个工作日)
如果能够帮助您办理签证,我们会收取相关的费用并指导您对COVA表格进行修改, 指导您邮寄相关材料至我们的办公室。 (需要1-2个工作日)
探亲签证(最长每次入境停留期限为不超过180天)和旅游签证(最长每次入境停留期限为不超过90天)都可以是10年有效, 多次往返;

第四步: Oasis收到您寄来的材料后再做最后的检查, 然后帮助进行预约和提交。

收到材料后如果我们发现问题, 会及时的再联系申请人进行补充、纠正。

第五步: 大约1周后申请人收到Oasis寄回的护照和签证


$345-$445  包含正常的办理(2-3周)费用,  包含申请费每人$140, 服务费$200-$260(根据申请人的情况判断), FedEx 2天邮寄服务 $20(含Inbound 寄出, Outbound寄回+跟踪号+签收+$500意外保险).
加急的服务(1周),服务费$400, 申请费是$165, 邮资根据申请人需要单独计算。
如果使用Zelle转账, 请支付至 ”Service@OasisChinaVisa.Com, 并备注申请人姓名; 或者使用信用卡支付, 加收5%手续费。

我们在做服务介绍阶段不收取费用。如果申请人决定使用我们的服务, 且我们开始了准备工作, 对申请材料做了检查、意见回复, 则服务费用不做退还。
在办理过程中如果申请人决定取消服务, 服务费不做退还; 申请费和邮资可以退还。
现阶段办理签证需要做很大的工作, 为保证服务质量我们不会降低服务费用。
如果家庭一起办理,我们会根据情况做出优惠。 请发送邮件确认费用, 我们看不到申请材料就无法判断,所无法提供报价(每个人都说自己的案子很简单)。 


递交材料后使馆的正常办理时间大约为4-5个工作日, 邮寄时间和审查时间需要额外几天时间。 



不需要, 您可以委托他人或者例如我们公司一样的服务机构进行代办。  


使馆的正常办理时间为4-5个工作日, 加急办理的时间为2-3个工作日


目前使馆已经恢复了探亲、旅游, 和商务的10年签证办理

我自己去使馆递交申请材料, 您可以帮助我取证么?

当然可以,我们的办公室就挨着使馆签证处。  详情请见 这里.


使馆要求办理签证的最短护照有效期为6个月。 如果您想办理10年有效的签证, 护照有效期需要在1年以上。

我的美国护照没有签证页了, 能办理签证么?

不能, 您需要办理新的美国护照。

我们在接手一个案子前需要做评估, 以此避免部分申请人因办不了签证还需要的心理安抚,和麻烦的
退款手续。 您如果在两个工作日后还未收到回复, 欢迎您打个电话跟进一下。 



如果您换了新的护照, 旧的签证还在旧的护照内,在办理签证时请提供旧护照的原件。

如有问题, 请发送邮件给我们,目前正常办理的邮件回复时间为1-2个工作日,加急办理的邮件回复时间为当天。谢谢您的理解!

如果两个工作日后没有收到我们的回复, 请打电话跟进一下。 


New Consular Jurisdiction of Chinese Embassy and Consulates General

The Chinese Embassy has announced adjustments to its consular jurisdiction. As a visa agency registered with the Embassy and based in Washington D.C., we exclusively handle visa applications through the Chinese Embassy located here. If you reside outside of this jurisdiction and do not have a special arrangement for your application, we regret to inform you that we are unable to assist with your visa application.

The adjusted consular jurisdiction of Chinese Embassy and Consulates General in the United States of America are as follows:

Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C:

Alabama,  Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia

Chinese Consulate General in New York:

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island

Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco :

Northern California, Alaska, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles :

Southern California , Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Hawaii , U.S. Pacific islands including Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and American Samoa

Chinese Consulate General in Chicago :

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota

Chinese Embassy Jurisdiction Map 2024

Chinese visa application introduction

Thinking of visiting China or applying for a Chinese visa? Submitting a Chinese visa application no longer require an appointment, applicants can simply walk in to the visa office and que in line for a turn to submit the Chinese visa application.

Please give these question some thoughts since the Visa office/section of the China Embassy do not accept mailed in visa applications:

1. Do you want to or really need to make a trip to DC for your Chinese visa?

2. Is it worth the while to take 2 days off or 2 half days off work to make the trip?

3. Can a close friend or family member submit the Chinese visa application for you?

4. Can you or your “courier” spare 2 days or make two trips, one for the drop off and another for the pickup of the visa/passport?

5. Is it more cost efficient to submit the Chinese visa application in person or have another party submit it for you?

When considering the questions above, please be mindful of the following details:

• Chinese Visa applications must be filed/submitted by an individual or a registered Agent with the Visa section of the China Embassy.

• Individual here can be the applicant, or it could also be a friend, family, co-worker of the applicant.

• As long as the applicant have a clean background and does not have any complications, the Chinese visa application does not require in-person appearance.

The Chinese visa application procedure requires at least 2 trips:

• One trip to submit the passport and the application materials

• Another trip to pick up the passport.

• If certain core documents are missing, a third trip might be warranted.
➼But most of the time, missing document issue can be addressed by emailing it to a designated email address provided by the visa clerk.
➼But the downside to this is your application will take longer to be evaluated or processed.

• For each trip, be allocate a few hours or more at the Visa office unless you are the first couple people in line.

Lastly, do you feel comfortable sharing private details with the person doing the drop off for you? If the Chinese visa application form is not prepared adequately, the visa clerk will make inquiries on details such as employment history and your traveling itinerary. For applicants with Asian heritage, the Visa clerk will make some very detail inquired regarding the applicants and the applicant’s parent origins. Will the person have enough detail to answer these questions? If not, an additional trip probably will be needed.

To save yourself and your close friend the hassle, have us handle Chinese visa application for you. We have been helping applicants apply for all types of Chinese visas for the past 22 + years. As a registered agency with the Chinese Embassy visa office, we can make the Chinese visa application process smoother and easier. We will preview your application material and help screen for any inadequacies on your Chinese visa application form or supporting documents. If there are any hiccups during the evaluation process, we can relay the issue on hand and offer advice on how to resolve the issue.

Since our office is located in the next building from the Chinese visa office’s lobby, we can say our efficiency is probably the highest in terms of Chinese visa submission or helping in resolving any issues. For people that are needs a Chinese visa in a rush, we can submit the expedited Chinese visa application request on the same day if we get the application materials before the visa offices closes.

New Visa Application Fee

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates-General in the US will reduce the visa fees. The reduced fees are as follows:

Regular Visa Application fees for the Chinese Embassy

Number of Entry U.S.Citizen Non-U.S. Citizen
Single Entry $140 $23
Double Entries $140 $34
Multiple Entries for 6 Months $140 $45
Multiple Entries for 12 Months or more $140 $68
J1/J2 $171


1. The visa fees listed above are applicable from December 11, 2023 to December 31, 2024.

2. Visa fees for certain non-U.S. Citizens vary from the list above. 

3. For an express service, there is an additional fee of $25 per visa.

The above changes does not apply to visa applications submitted before December 11, 2023 

Details: http://us.china-embassy.gov.cn/eng/lsfw/zj/notice/202312/t20231208_11198312.htm


Regular Visa Service Fees for Oasis

$160- $260 to be evaluated based on application materials.

Privacy Policy


Oasis International Travel Corp. d/b/a Oasis China Visa Services (”Company” or “We”) respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through our compliance with this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”).

This policy describes the types of information we may collect from you for purposes of providing our services (“Services”) to you, including information that you may provide to us when you visit one or more of our websites (collectively, our “Website”), and our practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting, and disclosing that information.

This policy applies to information we collect:
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Please read this Privacy Policy carefully to understand our policies and practices regarding your information and how we will treat it. Our Privacy Policy applies to all Applicants and all users of the Website, including all visitors and others who access or use the Website. If you do not agree with our policies and practices, your choice is to not use our Services and not submit any information to the Company. By accessing or using this Website or submitting your information to the Company, you agree to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service (“Terms”). This policy may change from time to time. Your continued use of this Website or our Services after we make changes is deemed to be acceptance of those changes, so please check the policy periodically for updates.

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Information You Provide to Us

The information we collect may include:
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Contact Information

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, or this Privacy Policy, you can contact us by email at service@oasischinavisa.com.

Last modified: October 20, 2023

Passport and Visa Mailing Tips

After dedicating numerous hours to your application, receiving the green light to send us your documents marks a significant milestone in your visa journey. This progress is indeed commendable, and we are eager to offer some valuable tips to help ensure a smooth and trouble-free transit for your package.

First and foremost, we strongly advise against using postal services for shipping. Over the years, we have encountered instances of delayed and misplaced packages when relying on the postal office. While USPS is often a cost-effective and convenient choice in many regions, it is important to exercise caution when sending passports or when time sensitivity is a concern. In such cases, it is highly recommended to opt for trusted carriers such as FedEx Express, UPS Express, or UPS Ground to ensure the secure and timely delivery of your vital documents.

We have built a strong and positive relationship with FedEx over the past two decades, and as a result, we enthusiastically recommend using their services, particularly FedEx Express Overnight or FedEx 2nd Day.

While UPS Express and UPS Ground also offer excellent services, it is worth noting that we have occasionally received packages in less-than-ideal conditions. If you plan to utilize UPS for your shipment, we strongly urge you to employ a sturdy, high-quality envelope and ensure it is securely sealed. It is imperative not to use manila envelopes for shipping especially crucial documents, as the rigors of the UPS conveyor belt can subject them to significant wear and tear.

For less critical items that can be easily replaced or reproduced, FedEx Ground and Home Delivery may be suitable options. However, please be aware that these services are provided by third-party contractors, which may not consistently uphold the same level of service quality as FedEx Express.

USPS, on the other hand, can be a reliable choice in many areas and regions. We are more than willing to accommodate your preference for shipping back your passport and visa using the Postal Office. Nevertheless, we strongly discourage using USPS when sending packages to our office containing passports. If your shipment consists of only a few pieces of paper and you are not under time constraints, USPS remains a viable and cost-effective choice. Your convenience and peace of mind are our top priorities throughout this important process.


All 10 years visas are reinstated, th contents of this page no longer applies.

因10年签证已经恢复, 该页面内容不再适用。

根据使馆发言人的记者问答公告, 我们对于相关信息做出以下的解读:

对于之前曾经办理过十年有效的、探亲或者商务签证的申请人, 有两个选择:
For applicants who have obtained a ten-year visa that is still valid, there are two options:

选择 1 :您可以 办理免除$140使馆申请费的、六个月有效的、两次入境探亲(或商务)签证。 您之前颁发的10年签证不被取消, 日后激活后可以继续使用。
Option 1: You can apply for a new six-month, two-entry family visit (or business) visa that waives the $140 embassy application fee.  Your previously issued 10-year visa will not be cancelled, and can continue to be used after activation in the future.

选择2:    您可以办理新的10年有效、多次往返的探亲(或商务)签证;使馆收取$140的申请费, 您之前颁发的10年签证会被取消。
Option 2: You can apply for a new 10-year valid, multiple-entry visit visa; the embassy charges an application fee of $140, and your previously issued 10-year visa will be cancelled.

如果您持有的是L字的旅游签证, 您不符合选择1的要求。

Option 1 doesn’t apply to Tourism Visa holders.

Chinese Embassy Visa Office Reopening

Chinese Embassy Visa Office is Reopening  on Jan 25th , 2023.

China Visa Application by mail will no longer be provided by the Chinese Embassy.    An “Appointment for Visa Application Submission (AVAS)” system will be in use for walk-in applicants starting January 16, 2023.

Consular notarization service (领事公证服务)now requires a pre-approval before an appointment can be scheduled for on-site drop off with the Visa office.

Chinese Embassy authentication (使馆认证服务)service by mail is no longer avaiable.

Chinese Embassy Visa Office Operationg Hours:  9:30-14:30 (Monday to Friday, closed on weekends and holidays)

Oasis China Visa Services will continue to provide visa processing services by mail as a visa agent.

Document authentication services by mail or appointment are still provided by Oasis.

If you have any questions, please send us an E-mail, and we will get back on the same day, or the next working day.

Thank you!




How to apply for a Q2 family visa

The Chinese Embassy is now accepting applications for Family reunion visa applications.    You can apply directly with the Chinese Embassy, or you may hire Oasis China Visa Services to assist with your visa application. 

How to proceed, if the applicant has already completed and submitted the COVA form:

Step 1. The applicant emails the PDF application form and the following materials to Oasis

a. A scan or photo of the passport identity page
b. A scan or photo of the applicant’s Driver’s license or statement displaying  the applicant’s address
c. Latest/last China visa obtained (if any)
d. Invitation letter from a family member in China
e. The inviter’s China Residence  ID card (front and back); or validity Chinese resident permit

Step 2. Oasis evaluates the application based on the completed application form and the above materials. Then determines whether it is necessary to fill out a new COVA form, and provide a list of other required documentation and service charges.

Step 3. The applicant submit the full payment and e-mails relevant materials to Oasis

Step 4.  Oasis double checks all the application form fields and ensure all the supporting document present,  then provide mailing instruction so the applicant to mail in the original documents

Step 5. After receiving it, Oasis will do the final inspection, make an appointment, and then submit the documents to the embassy for processing.

Step 6.  A few days later, the applicant receives the processed visa & passport in the mail.

If the applicant has not completed or submitted the COVA form, please email our office for detailed processing instructions. 

Chinese Visa Online Application Form (COVA).

To start, you should fill out the new Chinese Visa Online Application Form (COVA). This new application form is filled out online and is 8-10 pages depending on the applicant’s situation.  The new form will ask applicants for detailed information on family members, education background starting from high school, and employment histories. Therefore, we advise the applicant to complete the form, but do not submit and generate the final printable PDF form.  Although we cannot fill out the form for you, but we can review and help you to check over the form by using the Application I.D and passport number before the information gets submitted.  We cannot guarantee the form to be error free or 100% be accepted by the Embassy, but we will do our best to catch any errors or flag any issues on the form. Once the form is submitted online, the Embassy will ask the applicant to complete the form again if any edit or corrections on the form is needed. The Embassy does not accept any handwritten corrections on the generated PDF form.

Processing time

Currently 2-4 weeks

Visa Validity and Length of Stay

10 Years Multiple Entry visa for Business and family visitings are getting issued.  The length of stay of a Business visa for each entry is 30- 60 days.  The length of stay of a family visiting visa is 60-180 days.

Service & Fees

Please see HERE.

Required documents

The following documents are commonly needed to prepare for a visa application.  Supporting documents are maybe required depending on individual situation.  After the Chinese Embassy’s pre-approval, original documents will need to be mailed into our office at the time of submission.

      1. COVA Form.* Do NOT submit after filling out the web form, wait for Oasis review first)
        * Upload a selfie for the visa photo to continue with the form.
        * Oasis can help you with the photo edit and uploading later.
      2. Passport with 6 months validity and 2 blank visa pages
      3. One visa photo in JPG format
        * You can ask friends or family to help you to take this photo.
        * Stand against a whitewall, wear something not is white.
        * Use your smartphone / digital camera to take an upper body photograph.
        * Do not wear glasses, jewelry, or necklace.
        * Make sure your face (including your forehead) and your ears are showing (not blocked by hairs), so the photo may pass the COVA photo exam.
        * Email your photo in JPG format, Oasis can help you to edit it and upload it.
      4. Photocopy of Driver’s License
      5. Invitation letter from a major family member
      6. Driver’s license or state issued I.D for residence verification & jurisdiction confirmation
      7. Other documents to be listed by Oasis after review of your application.


Jurisdictions and residency

Currently we can only drop off applications to the Chinese Embassy for applicants who live or work within the following states:

Washington DC,   Delaware,   Idaho,   Kentucky,   Maryland,   Montana,   Nebraska,   North Carolina,   North Dakota,   South Carolina,
South Dakota,   Tennessee,   Utah,   Virginia,   West Virginia,   Wyoming,   Alabama,   Arkansas,   Florida,   Georgia,   Louisiana,
Mississippi,   Oklahoma,   Texas
For residents of all other states, we also can provide application preparation services. 

Please email our office for detailed processing procedures.   You can also call or text us at 1 866 312 8472.