We only work directly with the Chinese Embassy Visa Section in Washington D.C;  Given the sensitive nature of visa application information, our company operates independently and does not engage in partnerships or collaborations with other visa agencies. This policy is in place to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of the information we handle.

Chinese Embassy has reduced their visa application fee for American passport holders to $140.

For detailed instructions on how to process your visa application via mail, please click on this message. You'll find comprehensive information to guide you through each step of the process.
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472

Tourist visa categories: L,  issued to an alien who comes to China for sightseeing / tourism purposes.
有关探亲和其他种类签证的办理说明, 请见这里

Basic Documents
  • Your valid U.S Passport
    • With at least 2 blank visa pages
    • With at least 6 month’s validity for single entry visa
    • With at least 12 month’s validity for 10 years visa.
  • Resident I.D
    • State issued driver’s license, or state issued resident I.D
  • Visa photo 
    • Must be taken within 6 months
    • Must be plain/white background
    • we can help you to adjust and print this photo without any additional fees, if you can email us an upper body selfie.
  • Photocopy of your passport
    • Information page for the embassy to keep
    • Black/White, or in color.
  • Visa application form
    • Regardless of which type of visa you are applying for, please use COVA VISA FORM FILLING TIPS to start filling out the COVA form, but don’t submit it.  Please fill out the form to the best of your ability! Don’t worry if you make mistakes, we will help you check it later.
  • Ready to proceed? Please start  HERE


Supporting Document

If you are a naturalized US citizen, please also provide the passport of your birth country. If that passport is no longer available, please provide all your previous (canceled/voided) US passport(s). And a copy of your U.S naturalization certificate.

Multi-nationalities, If you are dual or multi-nationalities applicant, please contact our office to confirm which passport(s) to use for your visa application.

Chinese American:  If the applicant was born in China, please also include : 1.  His/her latest original Chinese passport.  2. A copy of his/her U.S green card before naturalization.   3. A copy of his/her U.S naturalization certificate . 

Employer’s Letter, after reviewing your application, the embassy may also require an Employer’s letter for your application.  In a such case, the employer’s letter must be formally typed on company letterhead, addressed to the Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy, dated, and hand-signed. If the applicant is self-employed, may be written by the applicant. Body of the Letter must include : 1. Job Title and Description 2. Purpose for Visiting China

Interview & Fingerprinting.  For special cases, the embassy may require the applicant to come in person and record fingerprints. Oasis can help to gather documents and prepare the application, but it is the applicant’s responsibility to show up on time. If the applicant is unable to obtain a visa after the visa interview & record fingerprint, Oasis will make a full refund of the service fee and the embassy fee. However, if the applicant does not show up for the interview & fingerprinting, only the embassy application fee will be refunded.

Jurisdiction: We can only assist residents of the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas;.Utah,Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wyoming.

Note: Long term family reunion visa (Q1/S1) application requires applicant to provide original documents(marriage/birth certificate) that proves the relationship between both parties. Q1/S1 visa allows the applicant to reside in China for more than 180 days.  Immediate registration with the local PSB is required to exchange for a resident permit.  An invitation letter from a friend(Chinese national/foreigner residing in China) is not qualified for a longer stay(60 days+)  visa.

Please also go through the followings:

  • Your U.S. passport must have more than 6 months validity
  • Your U.S. passport must have more than 2 blank visa pages
  • Your passport photo have to be in color and professional taken
  • Photocopy of your passport should be the first page with your name, picture, and signature
  • Photocopy of your passport could be black/white, or in color
  • Visa application form must be typed, hand-written form is no longer accepted
  • U.S citizen with Dual nationalities must apply with U.S Passport.
  • Signature on the visa application form must be original signature signed by black or blue ink pen.
  • Chinese American should also provide the original Chinese Passport on the first time of applying. Or, a copy of the previous Visa plus a copy of the previous passport.
  • Non-US passport applications may experience longer processing time in the Embassy.
  • Over special cases, the consular officer may require the applicant to apply in person.
  • We check your application and may still require for additional documents, which can be emailed / Faxed
  • The consular officers will determine whether or not to grant a visa and its category, validity and permitted duration of stay. The decision is final unless there is an technical error on the visa.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us