The Chinese Embassy has just reinstated the "old" 10 years visas. 中国大使馆已经宣布恢复“旧”的10年签证。

“坚持办理的声明书”所需要声明的几点: 1. 申请人已知晓目前其持有的、还在有效期内的十年签证已经恢复了原有功能。 2. 申请人坚持办理新的签证, 并要说明原因。 3. 申请人同意取消现有的“旧”签证,同意支付重新办理新签证的费用 $140。 4. 该声明书需要手写完成, 使馆不接受电脑打印后签字 。 5. 该声明书需要递交原件, 使馆不接受复印件。
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472

For passport pickup and mailing services, please visit HERE.

 Consular Processing Fee

U.S passport : $140  

Australia passport :  $90

Canada : $80.00  (May eligible for multiple entry 1+ years visa)

Argentina : $150  (May eligible for multiple entry 10 years visa)

Brazil: $140  (May eligible for multiple entry 5 years visa)

Romania: $100  (May eligible for double entry visa for 6 month) 

Embassy’s application fee will be waived if you are holding a valid 10 years visa, and applying for a 6 months double entry visa.




 Oasis Agent Service Fee

  $260  / application 
Application Preparation 1 -2 weeks
2-3 working days after submission

(Submission date & time are depending on the AVAS appointment system)

(In the event that your order was placed prior to our fee adjustments, we will still honor the previous rates.)

Shipping Fee
$40 For FedEx 2nd Day
$45 for FedEx Overnight

Grand Total

Consular application fee+ Agent Service Fee+ Shipping fee = Total

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Personal checks are no loner accepted.