Visa Application Fee will be adjusted to $185 per application to U.S Passport holders, starting May 30th, 2023

The Chinese Embassy Visa Office now requires the applicants to provide all work histories starting with the first job (after graduation from school) to the present day. If there is any gap in between, please provide a personal statement letter on a separate sheet of paper to explain. If the applicant has never worked, please provide a statement regarding what they do every day, their income source, etc.
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472

For passport pickup and mailing services, please visit HERE.

 Consular Processing Fee

U.S passport : $185

Australia passport :  $90

Canada : $80.00  (May eligible for multiple entry 1+ years visa)

Argentina : $150  (May eligible for multiple entry 10 years visa)

Brazil: $140  (May eligible for multiple entry 5 years visa)

Romania: $100  (May eligible for double entry visa for 6 month) 

Embassy’s express processing fee is additional $25 on top of the standard processing fee


Embassy’s application fee will be waived if you are holding a valid 10 years visa, and applying for a 6 months double entry visa.




 Oasis Agent Service Fee

  $260  / application for standard  (3 weeks)
$400  /  application for expedited  (2 weeks or less)
$600  /  application for rushed (1 week or less)

(Submission date & time are depending on the AVAS appointment system)

(In the event that your order was placed prior to our fee adjustments, we will still honor the previous rates.)

Shipping Fee
$40 For FedEx 2nd Day
$45 for FedEx Overnight
+ $6.35 for Direct Signature Confirmation & $500 insured

Grand Total

Consular application fee+ Agent Service Fee+ Shipping fee = Total

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Personal checks are no loner accepted.