Due to possible post election unrest and safety concerns, we may need to shut down for a short duration. Please expect possible delays to service request. We hope there is no social unrest, but we will be preparing for the worst case scenario.

Visa processing time and service fees are subjected to change during pandemic period. Please contact our office by email to place an order.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we can only process applications for Crew Visa, Diplomatic Visa, and other Visa Applications with an official Invitation Letter (PU) If you have any questions, please email us at service@oasischinavisa.com. Thank you!
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472



  • 您的有效护照
  • 两张护照照片
  • 您的护照复印件
  • 签证申请表
  • 由中国大学,医院出具的邀请函,或经正式授权单位提供的邀请信,…等
  • 非美国公民请提供美国绿卡,i797,I20,或TN签证复印件


  • 你的护照必须有6个月以上有效期
  • 邀请函必须有公司抬头。
  • 邀请函需要加盖公章或印章。
  • 你的护照必须有2页以上的空白签证页
  • 您的护照相片必须是正规的彩色证件相片
  • 您的护照复印件应该是显示您姓名,照片和签名的第一页
  • 您的护照复印件可是是黑/白,或颜色
  • 签证申请表必须输入; 手写形式不再被使馆接受
  • 签证申请表上的签字必须是黑色或蓝色圆珠笔所签署的原始签名。