We only work directly with the Chinese Embassy Visa Section in Washington D.C;  Given the sensitive nature of visa application information, our company operates independently and does not engage in partnerships or collaborations with other visa agencies. This policy is in place to ensure the utmost confidentiality and security of the information we handle.

Chinese Embassy has reduced their visa application fee for American passport holders to $140.

For detailed instructions on how to process your visa application via mail, please click on this message. You'll find comprehensive information to guide you through each step of the process.
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472

Passport pickup and mailing services

Our office is right next to the Chinese Embassy Visa Section. 

Click HERE for directions

If you submitted your passport and visa application in-person, you do not need to come back .

We can help you to pickup your passports and visas, then mail them back to you.


Passport Pickup Service Fee:

We charge $70 dollars for your first Passport/Visa, and $25 for every additional Passport/Visa.
FedEx 2nday PM shipping is included, with direct signature confirmation, and insured up to $500

 Embassy Application Fee

No fee is charged at the time of application submission, but the embassy’s fee needs to be paid at the time of pick up.

U.S passport : $140 or $185  TBD

Australia passport :  $90

Canada : $80.00  (May eligible for multiple entry 1+ years visa)

Argentina : $150  (May eligible for multiple entry 10 years visa)

Brazil: $140  (May eligible for multiple entry 5 years visa)

Romania: $100  (May eligible for double entry visa for 6 month)

Embassy express processing fee +$25

Embassy’s application fee will be waived if you are holding a valid 10 years visa, and applying for a 6 months double entry visa.


Payment Method

For payments, we accept Debit Card, Zelle, and Credit Card with 5% convenience fee.