For applicants who have previously applied for a ten-year visa, there are two options: Option 1: You can apply for a new six-month, two-entry family visit (or business) visa that waives the $140 embassy application fee. Your previously issued 10-year visa will not be cancelled, and can continue to be used after activation in the future Option 2: You can apply for a new 10-year valid, multiple-entry visit visa; the embassy charges an application fee of $140, and your previously issued 10-year visa will be cancelled.

现在使馆推出了新的政策, 对于之前曾经办理过十年签证的申请人, 有两个选择: 1. 办理免除$140使馆申请费的、六个月有效的、两次入境探亲签证。 您之前颁发的10年签证不被取消, 日后激活后可以继续使用。 2. 办理新的10年有效、多次往返的探亲签证,使馆收取$140的申请费, 您之前颁发的10年签证会被取消。

Chinese Embassy is now open, and requires appointment for walk-in visa submissions. We can help you to process your visa by mail, yo don't need to come in-person.

目前中国大使馆签证处已经开门接受现场办公, 但是办理签证业务需要提前预约。 您如果不方便到场亲自办理,可以委托我们公司通过邮寄方式完成签证的代办。
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Passport Pick

Chinese passport renewal, replacement Reply Service

Basic Documents

Oasis visa agent company located in Washington, DC, and the Chinese Embassy visa office in the same office building. In order to better serve the Chinese, we now offer pickup for the renewal and replacement of China passport applicants and Reply Service.

Because the policy requires the applicant to apply for a Chinese passport if the renewal and replacement must go to the local embassy or consulate in person belongs Enclave I submit materials. If you belong to residents of Washington DC consular district of the visa office to apply for renewal or replacement DC formalities, we can provide you with stamped service. Passport renewal time in about a month or so, the applicant submitted after completion of the material directly to the upstairs room to handle 333 stamped procedures.

The procedure is very simple stamped, the applicant need only provide evidence of a single (to submit a receipt to the Visa Office After material); a stamped form Oasis International Travel, this table to help organize all types of information of the applicant, including contact details , return address, and the calculation of associated costs (table provided in the office). Applicants in the completed form after our evidence alone can give us about the costs associated with the payment, we went to the forensics date ( not advance to take ) the relevant documents will be extracted from the visa office, and then prepare a return envelope, and then return the letter to the address provided by the applicant. For insurance purposes, we recommend using FedEx mailing service. Nearly a decade of experience in the past tells us that FedEx is the most reliable. We have sent letters to the tracking number and sign the additional service. In the e-mail sent to the day, the recipient will receive an e-mail to letters tracking information.

Applicants can prepare their own stamped envelope, but we do not provide any tracking information. Under normal circumstances, if we are prepared to return envelope by the words inside the computer system will automatically generate a record, and send an e-mail to the recipient. If the applicant to prepare their own return envelope inside the computer, then we would not have any record. So, if the applicant to prepare their own return envelope, then please note well in advance tracking number. We accept self-addressed stamped envelope minimum standards are: the envelope tracking number; envelope has enough postage; envelope integrity is not damaged; return address on the envelope is correct. We also accept Federal Express (FedEx) or UPS account number. The applicant can provide your own account number to make us ready to return envelope.

Additional information

Reply Service a total of three charges: the visa application fee + oasis at the travel agency service fee + return postage

First, the applicant need to pay the visa application fee at the advance. This fee will vary according to the application and the different types. Chinese passport renewal fee is $ 35.00, with a replacement passport application fee is $ 35.00, the name raises to $ 10.00; travel permit processing fee varies depending on the processing time; travel permit normal processing time is 4-5 working days application fee is $ 35.00; expedited processing time is 2-3 working days at a cost of $ 55.00; express processing time can be shortened for the day, the application fee for a visa at $ 65.00.

Then, the applicant needs to pay the travel agent service fee oasis. Our service charge is $ 20.00 for each document, which can be a passport or travel certificate.

Finally, the applicant also addressed the need to choose the way to pay back the corresponding postal costs. Post back the way we provide include:

  1. FedEx sent three days, usually three days to ensure that ships can go to a fee of $ 20.00;
  2. FedEx two days to send, usually sent to two days to ensure that can be sent at a cost of $ 25.00;
  3. FedEx overnight transportation, usually sent to the next day be able to receive a fee of $ 30.00.

We accept payment methods including cash, credit cards, bank checks, cash checks and traveler's checks. We do not accept personal checks. If you have other questions of our services, you can call our toll-free contact: 18663128472; Alternatively, you can e-mail us directly. Our E-mail address for

If you have questions about aspects of the application materials, please visit the official website of the Chinese Embassy visa office .