Passport photo services are available by appointments only. We no longer provide walk-in option for passport / visa photo services.

Visa processing time and service fees are subjected to change during pandemic period. Please contact our office by email to place an order.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we can only process applications for Crew Visa, Diplomatic Visa, and other Visa Applications with an official Invitation Letter (PU) If you have any questions, please email us at Thank you!
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How to apply for a Q2 family visa

The Chinese Embassy is now accepting applications for Family reunion visa applications.    You can apply directly with the Chinese Embassy, or you may hire Oasis China Visa Services to assist with your visa application. Visa application should not be reviewed or processed at the same time by different channels. If you wish to hire Oasis China Visa Services, please do not submit your applications to the Embassy directly or work with other agencies. Submitting the same application simultaneously through different channels will cause unnecessary delays and confusions in the Embassy. 

Chinese Visa Online Application Form (COVA).

To start, you should fill out the new Chinese Visa Online Application Form (COVA). This new application form is filled out online and is 8-10 pages depending on the applicant’s situation.  The new form will ask applicants for detailed information on family members, education background starting from high school, and employment histories. Therefore, we advise the applicant to complete the form, but do not submit and generate the final printable PDF form.  Although we cannot fill out the form for you, but we can review and help you to check over the form by using the Application I.D and passport number before the information gets submitted.  We cannot guarantee the form to be error free or 100% be accepted by the Embassy, but we will do our best to catch any errors or flag any issues on the form. Once the form is submitted online, the Embassy will ask the applicant to complete the form again if any edit or corrections on the form is needed. The Embassy does not accept any handwritten corrections on the generated PDF form.

Processing time

The visa turnaround time is affected by many factors.  Most of the cases we handled get processed within about 2 weeks. However,  the application process can often encounter various unforeseeable delays .

Visa Validity and Length of Stay

For F/M/Z/Q1/Q2/S1/S2 visa types, you should only be getting a single entry visa good for 3 months, and the stay of duration is no more than 180 days.

Service & Fees

We charge $249  service fee for each application, embassy fee is $140+$5, and the return shipping fee is additional $27 by USPS Priority Mail Express.  Only $145 will be refunded if you wish to cancel your order, after the processing has started.  There will be no refund or withdrawal of your application once we have submitted your application to the Embassy. Please be advised that the Embassy does not allow document withdrawal or cancellation once your application is submitted or dropped off to their office. Their given reason is it takes too much time and effort to locate a single application among mountains of paperwork with limited staff.  To start, please first email us with a brief intro of your situation.  We will verify your visa application eligibility and send you our payment instructions.

Required documents

The following documents are commonly needed to prepare for a visa application.  Supporting documents are maybe required depending on individual situation.  After the Chinese Embassy’s pre-approval, original documents will need to be mailed into our office at the time of submission.

      1. COVA Form. (Do NOT submit after filling out the web form, wait for Oasis review first)
      2. Passport with 6 months validity and 2 blank visa pages
      3. 1 visa photo 48mm x 33 mm
      4. 28 day travel record
      5. Photocopy of Driver’s License
      6. COVID Vaccine Card


Jurisdictions and residency

Currently we can only drop off applications to the Chinese Embassy for applicants who live or work within the following states: 

Washington DC,   Delaware,   Idaho,   Kentucky,   Maryland,   Montana,   Nebraska,   North Carolina,   North Dakota,   South Carolina,
South Dakota,   Tennessee,   Utah,   Virginia,   West Virginia,   Wyoming,   Alabama,   Arkansas,   Florida,   Georgia,   Louisiana,
Mississippi,   Oklahoma,   Texas
For residents of all other states, we also can provide application preparation services. 

Here are the steps that normally we will need to go through to process a visa application:

1. After payment is received, Oasis preview and gather all necessary documents.
2. Oasis sends digital applications and files to the Embassy for preview.
3. Embassy pre-approves the application, or inform Oasis to provide additional information. (If the Embassy denies the application after preview, the process ends here.)
4. Once the application is pre-approved, Oasis will contact the applicant to mail in the original passport and forms.
5. Oasis will further review all information and prepare a physical submission of all the paperwork. (withdrawn may not be possible after submission)
6.  The Embassy approves (or denies) the application, and mail back the passport directly to the applicant by USPS.

If you have any other questions, email is the best way to contact our office.  You can also call or text us at 1 866 312 8472.