Visa Application Fee will be adjusted to $185 per application to U.S Passport holders, starting May 30th, 2023

The Chinese Embassy Visa Office now requires the applicants to provide all work histories starting with the first job (after graduation from school) to the present day. If there is any gap in between, please provide a personal statement letter on a separate sheet of paper to explain. If the applicant has never worked, please provide a statement regarding what they do every day, their income source, etc.
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All 10 years visas are reinstated, th contents of this page no longer applies.

因10年签证已经恢复, 该页面内容不再适用。

根据使馆发言人的记者问答公告, 我们对于相关信息做出以下的解读:

对于之前曾经办理过十年有效的、探亲或者商务签证的申请人, 有两个选择:
For applicants who have obtained a ten-year visa that is still valid, there are two options:

选择 1 :您可以 办理免除$140使馆申请费的、六个月有效的、两次入境探亲(或商务)签证。 您之前颁发的10年签证不被取消, 日后激活后可以继续使用。
Option 1: You can apply for a new six-month, two-entry family visit (or business) visa that waives the $140 embassy application fee.  Your previously issued 10-year visa will not be cancelled, and can continue to be used after activation in the future.

选择2:    您可以办理新的10年有效、多次往返的探亲(或商务)签证;使馆收取$140的申请费, 您之前颁发的10年签证会被取消。
Option 2: You can apply for a new 10-year valid, multiple-entry visit visa; the embassy charges an application fee of $140, and your previously issued 10-year visa will be cancelled.

如果您持有的是L字的旅游签证, 您不符合选择1的要求。

Option 1 doesn’t apply to Tourism Visa holders.