Passport photo services are available every Friday in between 12:30pm-1:00PM. Private photo sessions can also be scheduled with additional fees.

Visa processing time and service fees are subjected to change during pandemic period. Please contact our office by email to place an order.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we can only process applications for Crew Visa, Diplomatic Visa, and other Visa Applications with an official Invitation Letter (PU) If you have any questions, please email us at Thank you!
Toll Free : 1 (866) 312-8472

Entering China using residence permits after 09/28/2020

The China Embassy recently announced that US citizen and non-US citizen holding valid China residence permit can utilized their permit to enter China. This change in policy pertains to residence permit holders only, applicants holding a valid visa that was issued prior to 03/28/2020 are not included. To be clear, regardless of visa type, all 10-year validity visas are still suspended and cannot be used to enter China.

For people with expired residence permit, you are now eligible to apply for a new visa to enter China. For details on how to apply for the new visa, contact us for more details. Please note, we can only help applicants from the following State to apply for their China visas:

North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia
Washington DC

Applying for a China visa during the pandemic

You will need to apply for a new/temporary China visa in order to enter China during the COVID 19 pandemic.  Due to travel restrictions, all China visa issue prior to 03/27/2020 are suspended until further notice. At the current time, you cannot use your visa to enter China even if your China visa has not expired. According to China Ministry of Foreign Affairs , “Entry with diplomatic, service, courtesy or C visas” will not be affected by this suspension implemented on 03/28/2020.

Before applying for a China visa, please double check which Embassy/consulate/consulate general office is responsible for issuing China visas to applicants from your state of residency. For details, please use this page from the China Embassy to figure out which consulate office to use for your application: .

Currently, only a limited group of people are eligible to apply for a new or temporary visa to enter/return to China. Generally, 6 groups of people are eligible to apply for a China visa during the covid 19 virus pandemic:

  • Education professionals (Professors/Teachers) and their family entering China for the first time or returning for the new school year. (F China visa)
  • Parent/Spouse/Children of people that are living or working in China, family reunion. (S2 China visa)
  • Business owners/employees that has major contribution to local business economy.(F/M China visa)
  • People with family emergency, circumstance such as family member in China being hospitalized, in critical condition, or passed away. (Humanitarian China visa)
  • Crew member from all major airline or maritime shipping company (Crew Visa)
  • Diplomats and their family members (W visa)

To be eligible for a China visa during the COVID-19 pandemic, applicant in groups 1-3 must first obtain a PU invitation letter from China. This PU invitation letter is issued by a city or provincial’s Foreign Affair’s office in China. For education professionals, business owner and business employees, please ask your employer in China to facilitate the issuance of the PU invitation letter by the Foreign affair’s office. For family members of people working or living in China, please have your family member’s China employer apply for the PU letter as well.

For humanitarian China visa applicant, you will need to contact the visa office in person to schedule for an appointment or application by mail arrangement. Please be sure to have the following 2 documents ready:

  • Proof of relationship between applicant and family member in China
  • Documentation/report from hospital in China justifying the urgency

Crew and diplomat visa documentation remain unchanged, no special documents required.


转载 出处:  中国大使馆官网


“To Call” Visa Applications for China

When applying for a visa, Please keep the following critical details in mind:

Anyone who wishes to visit China, under most conditions, will need to apply for a visa.

      1. When applying for a Visa, applicants are simply putting in a request for a visa to China.
      2. The keyword here is “request,” although rare in occurrence, but not all request are granted or approved in a timely manner
      3. All Visa applications are reviewed by a Consulate officer, the consulate officer determines any and all outcomes regarding the application. Their decision is the only decision that matters, and most of the time, their judgments are final.  The following excerpt is taken directly from the official Visa FAQ’s taken from the Chinese Embassy’s website
        1. “The consular officers will determine whether or not to grant a visa and its category, validity and permitted duration of stay. The decision is final unless there is a technical error on the visa.”

      4. Generally 90% of the applications are processed and approved within the designated time frame, but applicant’s request can be returned or turned away at any time for any reason
      5. Many applications are returned every day for various reasons, returned applications are not considered as “Rejected” or “Denied” Visa applications.
      6. Almost all of the returned applications can be re-submitted to the visa office for processing after providing supplementary documents or additional information.
      7. Most returned applications can be re-submitted without many issues, the only downside is all of prior application progress is reset and the processing time start from day 1 again after the initial submission.
      8. However, there are exceptions. Some application or returned applications may take longer to process than others. These applications are normally put under “To Call” status.


“To Call” Applications

  1. An uncommon occurrence during the application process is applications being put down under the “To Call” Status.
  2. When an application is under the “To Call” status, there is no longer a designed pick up date or a time table for the processing time (The standard and the express application processing time no longer apply).
  3. The following excerpt is taken directly from the official Visa FAQ’s taken from the Chinese Embassy’s website:
    1. “Normally it takes 4 business days to process a visa application although some applications require longer processing time. You will be notified of the estimated collection date either on your pick-up slip or by phone later.”

    2. “If no pick-up date is shown on the slip, you need to wait for a call or mail notification from the Visa Office as your application may require longer processing time.”

  4. After all of the requested materials are submitted, applicants are asked to wait patiently for notification phone call for Visa approval and pick up.
  5. Updates or status checks are unavailable for “To call” applications, we are only given notification after the Visa has been approved and ready for pick up.
  6. We recommend applicants avoid committing to or finalizing any travel plans to China until the China visa has been approved by the embassy
  7. Please Keep in mind that the Visa office work on a time table of their own, they
    process hundreds if not thousands of application every day.
  8. Not all special request or “To Call” applications are processed in time for the trip, but the passport and the application can be withdrawn from the embassy anytime during the application process.




New visa photo standard

 The Chinese Embassy Visa Section is strictly enforcing a new visa photo standard.  


We recommend two courses of action:

Print out the official flyer, take it to any location that offers photo service and have a photo taken that follows the guidelines/specs closely. Be Advised, this photo is NOT the standard 2 x 2 inch US passport style photo and many locations may not offer this service.  

If you are unable to find a photo service provider, we offer this Visa Photo service for our customers. If you take a photo of yourself and send in the original and unaltered file,  we can adjust it  to print it out and to meet the embassy’s standard for a fee of $10.90.  If you are taking the photo yourself, please follow the direction below:

  1. Its better to have someone help you take the picture.
  2. This picture must be taken at eye level, so try to to lean forward or back ward
  3. This picture must be taken in front of plain white wall.
  4. Sit/stand up straight, both body and face should be facing the camera 
  5. Please dress appropriately, this picture is for a legal documents. Business casual will be sufficient. 
  6. Dark colored clothing preferred, this way it will create a sharp contrast with the plain white background. 
    • If you are wearing a dress shirt, make sure the collars are aligned and not lopping to one side.
    •  If the shirt is white or light in color, please put on a dark colored suite or jacket. 
  7. Please leave plenty of space round the head and shoulders so we have room to make the necessary size adjustments. 
  8. Try your best to show both ears and eyebrows, do your best to fix the hair so it does not get in the way.
  9. Please take off your glasses, and any jewelry or hats.
  10. No teeth showing

If you want us to print out the picture, please fill out the credit card authorization sheet and scan it back to us along with the photo file. 

Thank you for choosing Oasis, if you have any question or concern feel free to contact us again.


Best regards,

-Oasis China Visa Services

Visa photo services

If you are visiting our office here in Washington D.C, we also provide the following photo services


  1. Chinese passport photo services

  2. U.S passport photo services

  3. U.S Visa photo services+Digital copy

  4. Hong Kong entry permit photo services

  5. Hong Kong passport / ID application photo services

  6. Schengen Visa Photo services


  1. 中国护照、旅行证相片

  2. 美国护照相片

  3. 美国签证相片+电子版

  4. 香港通行证相片

  5. 香港护照、身份证相片

  6. 申根签证相片

$25+ Tax, we provide four photos printed, and electronic copy; 

We also print other type of ID photos if you can provide us the requirement. You will be required to present in person and take the photo onsite. Please call to make an appointment first before come in.
我们同时可以根据您的需要,提供其他类型的证件类型相片的拍照服务。 拍照时需要您本人到场完成, 请您提前跟我们打电话预约后再来我们办公室拍照。

2201 Wisconsin Ave N.W STE 333 Washington D.C 20007   1(866)312-8472


什么是声明书? 什么是委托书?


当甲方无法亲自到现场完成某件事项的办理时,可以委托乙方代替完成。 常见的委托书包含“买房委托书”,“卖房委托书”,银行手续办理的“委托书”,等等。如果父母双方无法在短期内会中国,但是又想将孩子寄养在国内的亲属名下,这种情况下可以办理寄养委托书



常见的声明书包含“同一个人声明书”: 在中国公民加入美国国籍后,原有的中文姓名会以拼音的形式出现在英文的正式证件上。如果需要证明英文名字 “Li, Lei” 是“李雷”而不是“李磊”, “Han, Mei Mei”是 “韩梅梅”而不是“翰玫魅”。这个时候就可以通过一份个人签字后经过公证的声明书来达到使用目的。

也有一些人在变更国籍后添加了英文姓名,例如: 王莉加入美国国籍后更名为 “Wang, Li Lucy”。 为了在一些需要的情况下证明 “Wang, Li Lucy”和“王莉”为同一个人,这个时候也可以通过“同一个人声明书”来达到使用目的。

还有一种常见的情况需要准备“放弃继承权声明书”。 当申请人无法在短期内回国,为了能够完成某些特定事项,如果同意放弃房产的继承权时,可以通过声明书的形式来完成。 这种文件简称为“放弃继承权声明书”。


在 公证的时候,声明人需要确保声明书为中英文对照格式。带个人的有效身份证件(美国驾照/护照)到当地的银行或者法院去找公证员(Notary Public)进行公证。 公证时声明人需要按照公证员的要求先验证个人身份,再按照公证员的指示在文件上签字。公证员会目睹签字后进行盖章和公证。美国的公证员在公证文件的时候不 需要看懂文件的内容,因为公证员的责任是确保签字的真实性,但是公证员又可以通过任何的理由拒绝提供公证服务(包含不了解文件内容)。


How to certify an university diploma?

When you are trying to apply for a work permit in China, likely you will  need to provide your diploma and No criminal background check(or FBI Identity History Summary Check). Both documents need to be certified by the Chinese Embassy before the local authorities can accept it.  Here is how you can get your diploma certified by the Embassy:

Step 1. contact your school registrar and request for a true copy(or notarized copy) of your diploma.  The registrar should then execute an affidavit attesting to the validity of the diploma(true copy) before a notary public. Frequently the business offices of colleges and universities have notaries public.

Step 2. Email Oasis a copy of your document, we will review your document and provide further instructions.

Certain states may process documents faster or slower than others, normally it takes 3-4 weeks to complete. State of CA and NY are extremely slow (take months to complete), we recommend to hand delivery the document over the counter for state level authentication.



当甲方无法亲自到现场完成某件事项的办理时,可以委托乙方代替完成。 常见的委托书包含“买房委托书”,“卖房委托书”,“儿童寄养委托书”,等等。


三级认证是一个对文件进行合法化的过程,确保一个文件的真实和有效性。如果一份文件在美国产生或者颁发,就需要经过中国驻美国的使(领)馆认证后才可以在 中国国内被接受。中国大使馆在认证一份文件时需要美国国务院提前认证此份文件为真实有效的; 美国国务院在认证文件时需要确认此文件已经被州务卿认证办公室确认有效。 而州务卿在认证一份文件时也需要确认此文件被地方法院所认证。 一份文件的三级认证过程通常包含:地方公证, (地方)法院认证,州务卿认证,美国国务院认证, 和最后的中国大使馆认证。 这个认证的过程称之为三级认证。
注: 部分特殊文件的认证过程略有不同, 中国领事馆和中国大使馆的认证过程略有不同。


委托人信息,例如:委托人的姓名,(中文)/(英文),委托人性别,委托人国籍,委托人(要使用的)证件类型和证件号码委托人生日, 委托人现住址,委托人的电话。
委托事项,例如:委托人XXX拥有房产壹套,位于XXXX省XXXX市XXXX区《房屋所有权证》编号:#####,丘(地)号:######)。因委托人近期无法回国,现委托 XXXX为代理人,办理出售该处房产的相关事宜,具体事项如… 等等。
责任声明, 例如: 对受委托人在其权限范围内签署的有关文件,委托人均予以承认。 受委托人 有 / 无 转委托权。
委托期限, 例如: 从即日起至上述委托事项办理完毕为止。委托书的最后要包含委托人的签字和签字的日期。

委托书在准备内容时需要有英文翻译,以供州务卿和美国国务院的认证办公室了解文件的内容。中国大使馆对中英文翻译的文件有特殊格式要求,请参考我们提供的 样本来准备内容翻译。在准备完委托书之后,我们建议先发回国内确认。 待国内的相关使用机构认可了文件的内容和格式以后,再开始办理剩下的公证/认证手续。

第一步: 委托人需要带有效的身份证件(美国驾照,护照)找当地的公证员((notary public)做签字公证。 公证员在验证委托人的身份后会指导签字,并完成公证。

第二部: 完成文件的公证后,对公证过的文件进行拍照,并用手机发彩信到 (725) 222-8472(自动转发到我们的公司邮箱), 或者发邮件到。 我们会对文件进行确认, 然后提供办理的时间和报价。


服务订单表格   使馆认证申请表   委托书-格式参考   寄养委托书-格式参考
Chinese Embassy Visa Office will be closed on November 11th, 2015 for Veterans Day

Chinese Embassy Visa Office will be closed on November 11th, 2015 for Veterans Day. We will not be able to submit any visa applications for China for that day. Our office will remain open to accept mails, limited  service  will be provided for all walk-in and phone call customers.  Please arrange your trip accordingly and let us know if you have any questions.


Thank you!