For applicants who have previously applied for a ten-year visa, there are two options: Option 1: You can apply for a new six-month, two-entry family visit (or business) visa that waives the $140 embassy application fee. Your previously issued 10-year visa will not be cancelled, and can continue to be used after activation in the future Option 2: You can apply for a new 10-year valid, multiple-entry visit visa; the embassy charges an application fee of $140, and your previously issued 10-year visa will be cancelled.

现在使馆推出了新的政策, 对于之前曾经办理过十年签证的申请人, 有两个选择: 1. 办理免除$140使馆申请费的、六个月有效的、两次入境探亲签证。 您之前颁发的10年签证不被取消, 日后激活后可以继续使用。 2. 办理新的10年有效、多次往返的探亲签证,使馆收取$140的申请费, 您之前颁发的10年签证会被取消。

Chinese Embassy is now open, and requires appointment for walk-in visa submissions. We can help you to process your visa by mail, yo don't need to come in-person.

目前中国大使馆签证处已经开门接受现场办公, 但是办理签证业务需要提前预约。 您如果不方便到场亲自办理,可以委托我们公司通过邮寄方式完成签证的代办。
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IMPORTANT: Please fill out all the blanks and follow the steps to complete the Visa Order Form, don't forget to complete the China Visa Application Form for each applicant too.
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